Tank trailers

Rootselaar gains access again to the tank trailer business
Tankbouw Rootselaar B.V. will start manufacturing tank trailers again after the acquisition of Hobur-Twente. The first aerosol tank trailers for the United Kingdom will be ready to depart the factory to its designated clients in a short time. Finally, the factory will continue to carry out high-quality maintenance under the responsibility of Tankbouw Rootselaar B.V. Soon you will see our new trailers branded Rootselaar Trailers.

In the past Tankbouw Rootselaar B.V. has built tank trailers, and with the acquisition new life will be boosted in this activity. The emphasis will be on lightweight, high volume tank trailers. Trailers with larger volumes and less maintenance can be offered thanks to Tankbouw Rootselaar B.V.’s knowledge of high strength duplex materials and this will provide exceptional value for clients. Such capabilities will significantly reduce the total cost of ownership of gas trailers.

Please contact Mr. Herm Lenters for commercial queries| herm.lenters@tankbouwrootselaar.com | 31(0)546 246 445 |
and Mr. Eddie Veijer for technical queries | eddie.veijer@tankbouwrootselaar.com | 31(0)546 246 441
or call 31(0)546 246 440 | info@tankbouwrootselaar.com.

Particularly the light weight / large volume aspect will be considered. Our current technology allows to use LDX for the highest transport efficiency.
Some typical 3-axle semitrailer examples:
50 ton GVW (NL): tank volume 67.5 m3, up to 29.9 ton payload (11.6 ton empty trailer weight)
44 ton GVW (B/UK): tank volume 61.7 m3, up to 25.9 ton payload (11.1 ton empty trailer weight)
40 ton GVW (D): tank volume 54.2 m3, up to 22.7 ton payload (10.3 ton empty trailer weight)