Heat Exchangers


Kooiman  Apparatenbouw B.V. designs and manufacturers all possible Shell & Tube TEMA types like Fixed, U-tube, Floatinghead and Kettle type heat exchangers. Also double pipe, falling film, spiral exchangers and air coolers are part of the production program. All up to a weight of 30 tons.

Replacement bundles
Besides new exchangers, Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V. also manufactures replacement bundles, shells and channels, retubing of existing bundles and other heat exchanger components. We are able to produce in a large variety of materials and sizes. We are able to perform thermal design using HTRI software. Mechanical strength calculation is done according the required codes such as ASME, EN 13445, AD Merkblätter, Dutch Stoomwezen rules and PED.

Please find information regarding our range of materials under ‘engineering’ on this website.