At Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V. we work with an extensive range of materials. We divided the production of stainless steel / non ferro materials and carbon steel to two separate shops.

Our products are manufactured in a material range from plain low carbon steels to high alloy steels. All in solid or clad/ weld overlay execution.
We have experience in working with-, and are certified to work with  types of materials mentioned below:

o   Carbon steel
o   Stainless steel
o   Duplex and Super Duplex steel
o   Heat resisting steel
o   Low alloy steel
o   High nickel and cupro nickel alloys such as;
Inconel, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Monel, CuNi 90-10, CuNi 70-30
o   Alu-Bronze
o   Titanium
o   254 SMO