Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V.

Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V. was founded in 1912 and specializes in high quality manufacturing and engineering of process equipment. We mainly produce shell & tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels for the oil & gas, chemical and petro-chemical industry worldwide. Our company is established in Sliedrecht, The Netherlands and is a member of The RootselaarGroup.  We have a long history of experience in manufacturing equipment in an extensive range of high alloys metals. We are an ISO-9001, PED H/H1, ASME-U & -R certified manufacturer.

Craftsmanship and reliability are two important characteristics of Kooiman Apparatenbouw B.V. Those combined with our flexibility and ability of meeting the specific requirements and demands of individual projects makes us unique.

We have highly skilled personnel whom keep pace with the latest technologies. This enables us to effectively face the challenges of constantly changing industry needsWe are able to work with complex material and techniques. We are able to perform hydrotests of our products up to very high pressures and also can perform nondestructive testing in our own X-ray bunker.

The RootselaarGroup