LP Cooab® amine absorption

In 2001 we developed the innovative LP Cooab technology. This process is based on low-pressure reversible chemical absorption of CO2. The CO2 is removed by an amine-based liquid in an absorber Column and regenerated by using heat in a stripper column. The special amine composition, with our trade name Cooab®  is an essential element in this process.


The following features characterize the LP Cooab® upgrading process:

  • Lowest methane emissions: no off-gas treatment
  • Lowest methane slip (<0,1%): highest proven methane recovery
  • Highest methane product content: lowest propane addition
  • Lowest electrical consumption: no compression of CO2
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Robust process
  • Recovery of CO2 from off-gas possible
  • High availability and reliability through proven design and experience
  • Easy adaptation of the system for changing raw gas flows
  • Heat recovery possible