Introduction biogas upgrading

Biogas from anaerobic treatment of wastewater sludge, organic solids and manure is a valuable sustainable energy source reducing global warming from fossil fuels. As the demand for alternative renewable energy sources is rapidly increasing, biogas will play an important part. Upgraded biogas, also known as green gas, biomethane or PNG, replaces normal fossil gas and can be injected in the gas grid or used as vehicle fuel and eventually for electricity and heat production.


Greenmac has been specializing in biogas upgrading systems for over 30 years. A key step in the processing of biomethane is the separation of carbon dioxide present in the gas. We supply complete turnkey systems based on membrane and amine scrubbing technology (LP Cooab®).

Greenmac provides complete and efficient solutions based on our in-house technologies, including but not limited to:

•    H2S removal with activated carbon
•    Drying of biogas
o Cooldrying
o Deepcooling
o Adsorption (PSA or TSA)
•    CO2 removal
o LP Cooab amine absorption
o Membrane technology
•      Compression of (bio) gas to the required delivery pressure
•      Gasanalysis
•      Gas quality control by adding propane or nitrogen
•      Odorisation
•      Heat recovery

We take full responsibility of the complete project management and we ensure trouble-free installation and commissioning.