Bio-UP®: get the best from your biogas!

Want to produce Biogas from your manure? If so, this is now more attractive than ever before! After all, Bio-Up makes it possible to convert your Biogas into Green Gas, allowing you to supply gas directly to the natural gas grid. Even small-scale systems are already proving viable. For a farm with about 200 dairy cows, this can already be profitable by adding substrates.

In collaboration with CCS, Greenmac has developed a small-scale biogas generation system for 60 Nm3/h  biogas referred to as Bio-UP®.

Greenmac is the proud winner of INEL d’or 2020 with the Bio-UP®

Although fermentation using a gas engine is a pretty sustainable technology, the efficiency of a gas engine is low. About 35% is converted into electricity, the rest into heat, which can only be reused in limited cases, or not at all. The efficiency of biogas conversion into green gas is much higher: about 90%. The Bio UP can process the biogas from the manure of about 500 cows.

In 2015, a first pilot unit of 20 Nm3 / h was put into operation at dairy farm De Marke in Hengelo. A further development and optimization of the system has led to the realization of successful projects in 2019.

The following features characterize the Bio-UP®:
• High methane efficiency (small methane losses <0.1%).
• No product gas loss, so more m³ of green gas.
• No methane emissions, so low contribution to the greenhouse effect.
• Suitable for injection into the low pressure gas network
• Low electricity consumption
• Reliable system.
• Low operating and maintenance costs.
• Full automatic operation.