Ambient vaporizers
Ambient vaporizers can be delivered for a number of gases such as:
Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Helium, Hydrogen, Methane (LNG), Neon.

The capacities are unlimited, due to the fact that ambient vaporizers can operate parallel. The biggest standard individual vaporizer is suitable to evaporate 3,200 Nm3/hr. The standard design pressure is 40 bar g. High pressure standard vaporizers, up to 400 bar g, are fitted with a stainless steel liner.
For dedicated projects the profiles can be optimised for every condition.

Pressure build-up vaporizers
In addition to the product ambient vaporizer, Cryovat also supplies pressure build‐up vaporizers based on several designs in order to maintain the pressure in the tank.

Water bath vaporizers
Water bath vaporizers are designed for the same gases as described under ambient vaporizers. The designs and regulations are described under the subject vacuum insulated tanks. The design is based on standards and consists of two main components: the heat exchanger and the water bath (atmospheric type and pressure vessel type). The heat exchanger is based on the coil type with inlet header and outlet header (if applicable). For low pressure design, a pressure swing reducer can be incorporated. The standard water bath consists of the cylindrical type (up to approx. 16,000 Nm3/hr and for higher capacities the square type atmospheric design). If required we manufacture also design manifolds for steam or warm water control which fit directly to the water bath vaporizer ready for operation. Options such as instruments, safety valves, thermal insulation can be offered on request.