Maintenance, Refurbishment, Repair and Modification


Our service teams value a one-stop service where everything from initial vacuum check to complete tank repair including documentation, certification and third party surveys are done. We are a 20 ft intermodal repair depot used by reputable leasing companies and operators. Below lists are examples of our repair services:

(1) Vacuum

  • Vacuum evaluation & restoration.
  • Helium leak testing.
  • Molecular sieve dehumidification.

(2) Insulation

  • Replacement of new insulation: Super insulation or Perlite insulation.

(3) Piping & Component

  • Piping system inspection, modification and repair.
  • Gauges and valves inspection, recalibration and replacement.
  • Leakproofness test for all piping system and components.

(4) Structure

  • Partial/Full repair of Inner/Outer vessel.
  • Repair/Replacement of frame and other non-pressure parts.
  • In-house sandblasting, painting, and refurbishing of vessel.

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